Background Objective

CRESPAI was formed with an objective of bringing together the Renewable Energy Service Providers (RESPs) and Manufactures, representing as an industry body for promoting the goal and mission of the Government’s Renewable Energy Policy along with facilitating the development of RESP through public awareness, and serving as a R & D center in the sector.

  • To collectively represent as an industry body to all the stake holders in this area.
  • To strive for the advancement of Application, Services capabilities of global standards in India.
  • To advocate before the Government bodies for the the adoption of regulatory policies consistent with the development of Renewable Energy of excellence.
  • To establish a platform to collectively facilitate the development of RESP related activities and make recommendations to related ministries and Government of India.
  • To create public awareness about the emerging and next generation trends in Renewable Energy and adoption of cutting edge technologies.
  • To serve as a R&D center in the sector to develop and Innovative and Cost Effective Technology and Product.
  • To help address problems of members of CRESPAIs relating to operational, regulatory, financial, or licensing through interaction with the government.


  • To act against pollution
  • To advocate for clean energy
  • To create awareness for conservation of water and energy.
  • To discourage use of fossil fuel and pollutant energy.
  • To become a conduit for formulation and implementation of Government plan and programme in the field of Renewable Energy.
  • To spread the words and awareness on the utilization of Green Power to reduce the adverse effect of global warming and climate change.
  • To campaign for the “Green Revolution” (Clean Energy) to encompass the economy, business, rural employment and contribute towards self-reliance to meet the growing need of power.


As of now there is only one world and it’s the planetary duty of every human being to protect the ecology and live a sustainable developed life. CRESPAI’s vision is to see an eco-friendly, environment friendly and sustainable growth now and in future.

Industry Feedback

Congratulations to the team of CRESPAI for such a wonderful efforts. With the world putting a goal point every passing day for clean energy and environment, your endeavour and action will help India achieve its milestone and many more in the carbon footprint...

Sunil Lall, Director
Reichhold India Limited

Glad to know about intellectual association of CRESPAI. This is really a wonderful initiative by the team. Industry is in urgent need of collective efforts of professionals, intellectuals and industrialists to work in betterment of clean energy drive and thrust on the pain point of the Industry that it is facing. We are anxiously looking forward for the best from CRESPAI and assure our all co-operation...

Suhas Kulkarni, CFO
Synergy Green Industries Pvt. Ltd.